Social Work Topics: Saying Goodbye.

Telling a client goodbye falls on an emotional richter scale like none other.  I’ve said goodbye to many kiddos over the years.  Sometimes I’m very joyful at the goodbye because the child is going back to his/her birth home and the situation is now good.  Sometimes I get pissed at the department and saying goodbye is difficult because the child is not going back into an optimal living situation.  Other times I’m neither happy or sad.  And other times the child is moving to an foster/adoptive home outside of my agency for any number of reasons.

That is today’s case.  This particular child has been in foster care for a couple of years.  He has been in a foster home, a pre-adoptive home, back to the original foster home, moved to a different foster/pre-adoptive home, and will be moving to his (hopefully) forever home tomorrow.  The home is not one of my agency’s homes and so I will no longer be working with this little guy.  He’s really not emotionally or chronologically little.  Well, sometimes he’s incredibly little emotionally.  Poor guy hasn’t had the ability to really bond with any family.  Bonding is one of those things that should happen just after birth!

Anyway, I had to say goodbye to him today.  He responded to the news of the upcoming move in his own special way.  He didn’t show much emotion.  He changed the subject.  He shrugged his shoulders.  He didn’t have any questions to ask.  When I said that I would no longer be his worker he said, “Really? That sucks.  No, that’s great. Good.  Whatever.”  My poor little, big guy.

I do worry about him.  He’s such a good, smart kid.  He’s also a handful.  If I could adopt him, I would do so in a heartbeat.

The good side is that the family he’s going to now is really, really amazing.  I really like them and wish they were a home through our agency.  I am hoping and praying that I get notified of the adoption hearing date so that I can attend!


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