The Last Two Weeks.

Today I put in my two-week notice.

On April 18th I had an interview for a state position.  The interview went really, really well.  So well in fact that they had called my references as soon as I left.  Within a couple of hours I had texts from people saying, “I know I shouldn’t tell you this, but you’re frontrunner for the position!”  I was so excited for that happy news!  I received the offer phone call this past Friday while I was out-of-town at a tattoo convention (everyone has different outlets).

Today I put in my two-week notice.  I had written the letter yesterday.  For those looking for a well-written letter of resignation, here’s my letter (with the personal info taken out):

Full Name
City, State ZIP
Phone Number
Email Address


Manager’s/Supervisor’s Name
Manager’s/Supervisor’s Title
Agency/Company Name
City, State ZIP

Dear Manager/Supervisor,

I would like to inform you that I am resigning my position as [Position Title] from [Agency/Company Name], effective two weeks from this date.  I have accepted a position with [Future Agency/Company Name].

This decision was not an easy one to make.  Thank you for the many opportunities of professional and personal growth over the past [length of employment].  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with [Agency/Company Name] and appreciate the support provided to me during my time with the agency.

[Agency/Company Name] has a special place in my heart.  I wish you and [Agency/Company Name] the best.  If I can be of any help during the transition, please let me know.

Signed Name
Printed Name

Today I put in my two-week notice.  The moment was bittersweet.  I really do love this agency.  I really am looking forward to advancing my career.  My boss saw this coming as she was one of the references on my resume.  The hardest part will be saying goodbye to my clients.  How do I explain to a child who has been ripped from his/her birth home that I am leaving and someone new will be taking over their case?  **sigh**

The scariest part is moving from the nonprofit world to the state world.  I know how to do nonprofits.  This is outside of my comfort zone.  And I must continue to push on through the discomfort because I am going to continue my good work and help individuals be the best them they can be through advocacy and education and prevention.

My new job will still entail working with foster care, except the individuals won’t be quite children.  These 18-21 year olds have been in the foster care system and have “aged out”.  Many (if not all) states allow these young ones to sign themselves back into foster care until they are 21 years old in order to facilitate and educate these kiddos on how to be functioning, productive adults.  I will be teaching them life skills (money management, communication, resume-building, etc.), helping them find/apply for jobs, helping them enroll in college classes, etc.  I’m excited to be expounding on my experiences and starting this new chapter.

Today I put in my two-week notice.



Perhaps I should start with “Hello,” but instead I went with, “Goodnight.”

Goodnight, dear readers (whatever readers may be reading a new blog’s first post).  I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

  • 2 hour drive to a 9AM meeting that will last about an hour and then a 2 hour drive back
  • Home visit at 4PM
  • Home visit at 5PM – this home visit will be tricky since everyone’s panties seem to be stuffed up their assholes and trying to get cooperation is nearly impossible due to the uncomfortableness such a state brings forth.

Oh right, maybe I should introduce myself.

My name is unimportant.  I am (currently) 30, also an unimportant factoid.  I have a Master of Social Work degree from one of the top party schools in the US.  (Sidenote: I never have been much of a partier.)  I am licensed to practice social work at the Master’s degree level (why would I want to practice at the Bachelor’s degree level?).  My social work career began just over 3 years ago.  I currently work for a nonprofit foster care/adoption/residential community-based agency.  I am a foster care treatment coordinator.  I live in a rural state, although I currently work in a “city”.

I say goodnight because this first post is not intended to be lengthy and I’m tired and I have just under 8 hours to sleep.  I know I won’t be asleep for at least an hour, but I will stubbornly lay in bed and try my darnedest (how do I spell that?) to sleep.

Sleep is precious.

Goodnight, readers.